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JPX EIII SV Utility Light No. 3/ No. 4/ No. 5

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Product detail

Shaft: Orochi 

Flex: R, SR

JPX EIII SV Utility matches the EIII SV line up and has a wide and shallow design. It closely resembles the fairway wood and makes for an easy transition. It is a great club for those having troubles getting the ball in the air with longer irons.

Strong to stubbing, speed bevel and round sole.

The sole portion adopts wave technology sole of a wave-shaped design. Utility of the RBI is, there is a tendency to focus on under eyes that the face center, up the intiail speed in the actual RBI, extend the distance in the strong high trajectory.

Firmly caught the ball, fly in strong high trajectory.

By concentrating the weight in the sole rear heel side, increasing the center of gravity angle, reduce the center of gravity distance short, pursuing a return-friendliness of the head. Caught firmly the ball and you will be able to experience the trajectory of Hydro over that stretch strong.

Club #U3U4U5
Loft º 19º 22º 25º
Lie º 61.0º 61.5º 62.0º
Volume (cm3) 115 110 105º
Balance D0 D0 D0
Length 40.5" 39.75" 39.0"