JPX 900 FORGED NO.5-9, P, G, (7 PIECES) | Tokyo Sports

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JPX 900 FORGED NO.5-9, P, G, (7 PIECES)

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Product detail

Shaft: N.S. PRO 950GH

Flex Option: R, SR, S 
(If you are interested in other flex option of this iron set, please kindly contact us for more information.)

Model: 2017 

Include: NO.5-9, P, G, (7 PIECES)

The Game Changer – Forged from Boron infused steel

A mid-sized, one piece Grain Flow Forged iron that comprehensively ends the normal trade-off between precision and distance. Produced from a stronger Boron infused steel billet – the JPX900 Forged boasts a milled pocket and new multi thickness face for increased ball speeds over a wider area. More compact than its predecessor the JPX900 Forged continues to break the rules with its incredible combination of forged feel and ball speed.

- True forged feel in a distance iron : Our new steel reinforced with trace amounts of Boron is 30% stronger, allowing the JPX 900 Forged to perform like a distance iron, without losing its renowned Mizuno forged feel.
- Balanced mid-sized profile: Confidence inspiring behind the ball, yet compacy enough to appeal to elite level players and professionals.
- Ball speed enhancing multi-thickness face: The JPX900 Forged pushes the potential of Boron infused steel to new levels with a multi-thickness face, designed for the fastest ever ball speeds from a Grain Flow Forged Iron. 
- High performance from miss-hits: The pocket cavity is extended in both directions to redistribute 21.5 grams to reduce distance loss from off centre hits.
- PowerFrame Design: Mass pushed to the extreme corners delivers stability and performance from miss-hits. A reinforced top line ensures a strong and powerful sound at impact.
- Forged in Hiroshima Japan: At Mizuno's exclusive plant - manufacturer of Grain Flow Forged heads for Mizuno for over 30 years. See how each Grain Flow Forged iron is made in our forging story.

Loft °Lie °Length
#4 21 60 38.25″
#5 24 60.5 37.75″
#6 27 61 37.25″
#7 31 61.5 36.75″
#8 35 62 36.25″
#9 40 62.5 35.75″
#PW 45 63 35.5″
#GW 50 63 35.25″

Shaft: NS PRO 950 GH HT
R 94.5 High